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Attendee Guide

Join an Event

Access Ozzo

  • Use a desktop or laptop computer (mobile support coming soon!)
  • Enter the unique link you were sent into Chrome or one of the other supported-browsers
  • Grant the browser permissions to use your microphone and camera

Setup Page

  • Sound & Video Check: Make sure Ozzo is connected to the correct microphone, speaker, and camera.
  • Set your profile picture, enter your name, and then hit Enter to join the event.
  • ~Profile picture
  • ~~You can take a photo by clicking the green camera button.
  • ~~You can also upload a photo by clicking the upload button or dragging an image (JPEG or PNG) into the oval picture space in the center of the screen.

  • ~Name
  • ~~After you set your profile picture, you will be asked to enter your name 
  • ~~Once you enter your name, the ENTER button will be enabled. Click it to join your event!

Tutorial Page

  • As your event loads, the Ozzo tutorial video will quickly show you how to use conversational tools that greatly improve your experience connecting with others. After you see how to use them once, you’ll be set.

Explore & Navigate

How to move around

  • Keyboard arrows: up=forward, down=back, left/right to turn
  • Joystick: You can also use the joystick that appears at the bottom middle of your screen. To use the joystick, click the circle (in the center) and drag it in the direction you want to move. The farther you move it away from the center, the faster you will go.
  • Keyboard shortcut: Hold down shift to go faster

User Appearance

  • You experience the event from a first-person perspective, meaning you are looking out from where you are located in the 3D environment.
  • Everyone appears as video ovals, with their video feeds on the front, and profile pictures (in black-&-white) on the back.
  • The mirror in the top right corner shows you how you appear to others.
  • If you turn off your camera, it will be replaced by a color version of your profile picture.

Interact with others

Spatial volume is just the beginning in Ozzo.

Read about conversations and sidebars below to learn the benefits of Ozzo's layered conversational tools, which allow for many conversations to take place at the same time.


The benefit of entering a conversation is that individuals are automatically arranged in a comfortable semi-circle and the volume of everyone outside of the conversation is reduced. 

Enter a conversation

  • When you are in close proximity to others, a small set of chat bubbles will appear above their video tiles. To start or join a conversation, simply click on the chat bubble.
  • After you click the chat bubbles, you will be automatically placed in a semi-circle so you can easily see everyone in the conversation.
  • If you want to move around freely again, you can exit the conversation whenever you’d like (details below).

Exit a conversation

  • Click the “Exit Conversation” button at the bottom of your screen. This will allow you to move again and continue exploring the space.

Conversation limit

  • Up to eleven (you + ten others) people can participate in a single conversation. There is no limit on conversations per event.

Volume control

Volume will adjust based on your distance from others, as well as whether you are in a conversation or a sidebar (as described in those sections).

Volume Preferences

  • You can adjust how well you can hear others in the background according to your preference.
  • ~Settings → Audio → adjust the ‘Background Volume’ slider
  • If there is a DJ/VJ livestream happening, you can also adjust the volume level of the streaming audio.
  • ~Settings → Audio → adjust the ‘DJ/VJ volume’ slider

Settings menu

Learn how you can use the settings menu to optimize your virtual event experience.


  • If your bandwidth is limited or you'd like to use less data, click Settings → Bandwidth → adjust from High to Medium, Low, or Audio Only.
  • ~High/ Medium/ Low- The higher the bandwidth setting, the higher the video resolution and the bandwidth requirement.
  • ~Audio Only- No video is sent or received (video ovals will show profile pictures instead).

Who's Here List

  • You can find a list of all the attendees at the event.
  • Clicking on the three dots beside an attendee's name will open an options menu:
  • ~Mute anyone at the event. This will make it so you no longer hear that attendee, and will be denoted by a mute symbol over their video.

  • ~Send a private message to anyone at the event.
  • ~If you are a host or a moderator, you will see additional options, such as assigning roles (host, moderator, DJ/VJ) or kicking attendees out of an event.


  • Change name and profile picture


  • Adjust DJ/VJ volume (livestream audio) or background volume (attendees)


  • Change camera, microphone, or speaker selections


The chat allows you to send text messages to everyone at the event.

You can also send private messages by clicking Settings → Who's Here → the dots beside Attendee Name → Send private message

Microphone & camera


  • Click the microphone ON to allow your microphone to capture your audio.
  • Click the microphone OFF to mute yourself.
  • Click the microphone dropdown menu to select a different microphone or speaker device.


  • Click the camera ON to stream your video feed.
  • Click the camera OFF to stop streaming your video.
  • ~If you turn off your video feed, it will be replaced by a color version of your profile picture.
  • Click the camera dropdown menu to select a different camera device.


Hosts & Moderators can make announcements to the entire event. The announcement will appear in the top left corner of the screen. Guests will be able to continue their conversations, however, all audio will be reduced during the announcement.

  • To learn how to make an announcement as a host or moderator, see the make announcements section.


Quick fixes

If you're experiencing problems, try the following...

  • Refresh your webpage (this fixes most issues)
  • Restart browser (close entirely/all tabs and reopen)
  • Double check you're using a compatible browser
  • Lower your bandwidth requirement
  • ~Settings → Bandwidth → adjust the settings from High to Medium, Low, or even Audio Only

  • Double check your camera and microphone settings
  • ~Are they ON? Are you muted? (icons in bottom left corner)
  • ~Are your desired devices the ones actually connected? You can check by clicking the arrow button on the camera and microphone icons on bottom left corner. Another way to check is by clicking Settings → Devices dropdown.
  • ~Is your computer volume turned up?

Browser & device compatibility

Compatible browsers

  • Chrome, Brave, Edge, Opera, Vivaldi, Chromium

Compatible devices

  • Join events using a desktop or laptop computer. Mobile and tablets are not supported at this time. We're working on mobile compatibility!

Connection & performance

Connection issues

  • If your bandwidth is limited or you'd like to use less data, click Settings → Bandwidth → adjust the settings from High to Medium, Low, or even Audio Only

Minimize network/connectivity issues

  • Refresh your browser page. This often fixes intermittent lag.
  • Stay close to your WIFI router.
  • If you are using a VPN, try turning it off, or switching to a different network.
  • Turn off any unnecessary applications that may be using your internet bandwidth or accessing your camera.

Upload/download speed

  • Our recommendation is to have at least 10 Mbps upload and download speeds.
  • Upload/download speeds are not the only determining factor of audio and video quality. It will also depend on how old/new your device is. The newer your device, the better your video and audio quality will be.

Network/firewall settings

  • If you are unable to see other users’ video or hear their audio, and they are unable to see your video or hear your audio, a potential cause might be your network firewall settings.
  • Ozzo uses specific network ports for sending real-time audio and video communications. If these ports are closed (usually by a firewall), the audio and video signals will not be able to get through.
  • The network & firewall settings should be set to keep the following ports open:
  • ~UDP 10000
  • ~TCP 5349

Can't find what you're looking for?

Advanced Roles & Permissions

Advanced roles & permissions

Attendees at an event can be assigned additional roles & permissions.

  • A host can start an event and assign / unassign moderators to assist with hosting.
  • While there can only be one host, there is no limit on how many moderators an event can have.
  • Hosts and moderators both have the following permissions:
  • ~Make an announcement
  • ~Assign / unassign DJ/VJ (one DJ/VJ allowed per room)
  • ~Kick users out (except moderators cannot kick the host out)
  • Any attendee can be assigned the role of DJ/VJ, which will allow them to stream audio or video to the event. 


The host has special permissions, including: 

Schedule event

  • Go to ozzo.events
  • ~Click the "Try for Free" button (like the one on the top of this page).
  • ~~Then click the "Create an Event" button- this option opens the event scheduler where you can personalize your event name, date/time, duration, and theme (3D environment).

Set end time

There is a checkbox that enables you to set an end time for your event

  • If you set an end time:
  • ~Your event will end after the last person leaves the event, or at your set end time- whichever comes last.
  • If you did not set an end time:
  • ~Your event will end 15 minutes after the last person leaves the event.

Start event

After you schedule an event, you will be emailed an event URL (which can be forwarded to guests) and a private six-digit PIN. The PIN is needed to start the event.

Make announcements

  • Click the icon in the bottom right corner that has a megaphone on it. Follow prompts to make an announcement to the entire event.
  • You will be given a three second countdown until your audio and video are presented to everyone in the same room as you at the event.

  • You will see yourself presenting from the top center of your screen. 

  • Everyone in the same room as you will see your announcement from the top left corner of their screen. Guests will be able to continue their conversations, but their respective volume will be lowered to bring focus to the announcement.

Assign/reassign roles

  • The host can assign/reassign roles to others at the event (host, moderator, DJ/VJ).
  • Settings →  click Who’s Here → click the three vertical dots next to any guest name and you will be given the option to assign/reassign roles.

Leaving the event as a host

  • As a host, if you plan on leaving the event and have the intention of the event continuing, it is strongly recommended to designate a new host and reassign your host role to them.
  • If a host leaves without re-assigning, the host role will automatically be reassigned to one of the moderators.  If there are no moderators, then it will be randomly assigned to one of the guests.
  • If a host leaves for a short period of time and returns back to the event (within 15 minutes of leaving) and the host role was automatically reassigned when they left, it will automatically be granted back to them.  The most common instance this may happen is if a host temporarily loses internet connection and they rejoin in a few minutes.  In that scenario, the host will still be the host upon rejoining.

Kick out

  • Settings → click Who’s Here → right click the three vertical dots next to any guest name and you will be given the option to kick out.
  • A user who is kicked out will not be allowed to return to the event, so use this sparingly.  We recommend a warning and escalation system in which a kick-out is implemented after several warnings.


  • Moderators can do everything a host can do except kick the host out.
  • The host can assign as many moderators as they like.


The DJ / VJ (video) can stream audio/video into the platform through another browser tab. 

  • The host can assign one DJ/VJ per event room.
  • Anyone at the event can be assigned the DJ/VJ permissions, whether they are the host, a moderator, or a guest.

DJ / VJ Instructions

  • There can be one DJ/VJ per room. If there are multiple rooms, you should first go into the room where you want to stream audio or video.
  • Everyone assigned the DJ/VJ role will have an additional button to livestream, which will immediately open a second tab where you can choose whether to stream audio or video. 

  • After choosing to stream audio vs video, a popup will appear with instructions on how to stream to Ozzo.

  • If you haven't already, open another tab in the same browser to stream music or video (YouTube, SoundCloud, etc.). After the desired streaming tab is opened, you can return to the popup to connect it to the event.
  • In the popup window, do the following:
  • ~~Click “Chrome Tab”
  • ~~Click the tab you want to stream audio/video from
  • ~~Click the “Share audio” check box
  • ~~Click “Share”
  • Extra tip to double check you did it right:
  • ~Make sure you are streaming through the Ozzo platform and not just through your computer speakers. Mute your microphone and see if people can still hear the music. If the music can still be heard, it is working.
  • ~The DJ/VJ should wear headphones / headset so the audio from their computer does not get picked up through their microphone and play into the event twice.

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Mobile support coming very soon!
Please use a computer and chromium based browser
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